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27 February 2019
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Don’t be fooled

In administrative law, decisions of the government are central. Government decisions can have far- reaching consequences for you. It is very important that you take immediate action if you disagree with a government decision that affects you. You can then turn to Arslan & Arslan Advocaten. Our lawyers have years of expertise in administrative law issues and can help you with this.

Our lawyers have experience in cases against government bodies such as the municipalities, the UWV, the Ministry of Justice and Security and the Education Executive Agency. Our specialists can represent your interests during an objection procedure, but also in appeal proceedings before the court, the Council of State and the Central Council of Appeal.

Come by for a no-obligation intake interview, so that we can provide information about the objection or appeal procedure. An assessment is also made of your case, so that you can decide for yourself whether you want to hire a lawyer.

It is very important that you take immediate action if you disagree with a government decision that affects you.

Student finance (DUO)

The Education Executive Agency (DUO) is the organization that deposits student finance. In most cases DUO has things in order, but it is possible that DUO has made an incorrect decision. For example, if you received a number of months of student finance, but DUO is now reclaiming it. Or your grant for living away from home will be withdrawn. It is important to know that you can file an appeal against this decision.

Our specialists are happy to assist you in conducting your objection procedure. DUO is a large government agency with expertise and it is therefore important to get the assistance of a lawyer to defend your case. Our lawyers will convince DUO to come to a different conclusion.

Do you have questions about a DUO decision that you do not agree with? Then contact our specialists.

A Certificate of Good Behavior (VOG)?

Are you going to do an internship or have you found a new job? Then there is a good chance that you will be asked for a Certificate of Good Behavior (VOG). That is why you are applying for a VOG. The Ministry of Justice and Security assesses that application. We look at convictions by a judge, criminal orders and/or other police or judicial records.

Unfortunately, it often happens that an application is rejected. You don’t have to leave it here. After all, a view and then an objection can be submitted against the rejection.

Our expert lawyers will explain in the notice of objection why a VOG must be issued after all. Our lawyers do this on the basis of the applicable laws and regulations and your personal circumstances. Our specialists know the procedure and know which defenses need to be put forward. In addition, our lawyers will convince the Ministry of Justice and Security during a hearing to still issue a VOG. Our lawyers will do their utmost to obtain your VOG after all.

Do you have questions about your rejection? Then contact our specialists.

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