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Welcome to the page of Arslan Advocaten – Personal Injury Amsterdam. We are one of the largest law firms in the Netherlands specializing in personal injury cases. Are you in need of expert legal assistance? For example, if you have suffered an injury due to an accident? Look no further. Our personal injury lawyers and legal experts are here to take your worries off your hands, free of charge.

Arslan Advocaten - Personal injury Amsterdam in brief

Arslan & Arslan is completely independent

Arslan & Arslan Advocaten- Personal Injury is an independent law firm. We work only for personal injury victims and do not work with insurance companies or other parties who settle cases on behalf of insurance companies. We will always stand up for the interests of victims. If possible without legal proceedings but if necessary we will not hesitate to start legal proceedings.

Injury is damage to the body. A damage that causes physical or mental symptoms. People often think of wounds or broken bones. However, injury is much more than that. Invisible injuries such as whiplash or RSI complaints can also cause complaints and restrictions. Mental (or psychological) injury, on the other hand, is damage on a mental level. An example of mental injury is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Both physical and psychological injuries involve damage to the person. That is why personal injury is also called ‘personal injury’.

Personal injury is the damage you incur if you are injured in an accident, for example in a traffic accident, industrial accident or medical error. You may also be injured because you have been bitten by a dog or suffered damage due to a defective product.

Two terms are important in personal injury: ‘material damage’ and ‘intangible damage’.

Property damage refers to damage that can be directly expressed in monetary terms. Think of damage to property, lost income and costs you have had to incur due to the injuries you have suffered.

Intangible damages are those caused by grief, pain, missing and loss of enjoyment of life. Compensation for this is also known as damages.

Under our Civil Code, the liable party is obliged to pay the costs of your personal injury lawyer. After a traffic accident or industrial accident, the lawyer’s fees will therefore not be at your expense. You can therefore call on one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in Amsterdam free of charge.

If you are involved in a road accident or industrial accident or are the victim of a medical error, you are often entitled to personal injury compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer from Arslan & Arslan Advocaten – Letselschade can help you with this. With his or her knowledge and experience, the specialised personal injury lawyer or personal injury lawyer in Amsterdam will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

So with an experienced personal injury lawyer or legal expert from Arslan Personal Injury, you are not alone and do not have to deal with an insurer or the other party to settle your compensation yourself. Our experienced personal injury lawyers, personal injury lawyers or personal injury specialists will do this for you. Our personal injury experts know exactly how high your compensation should be, how to hold the other party liable and how to get your compensation as soon as possible. We always put maximum effort into achieving the best result for you.

When dealing with your personal injury case, Arslan Advocaten will take as much out of your hands as possible so that you can focus fully on your recovery. In addition, Arslan Personal injury has built up a large network in the field of personal injury through years of experience. As a result, we can also assist you optimally when help from, for example, an injury coach or an employment expert is required.

After the intake, we contact the liable person or insurer about liability. If liability is recognised, we claim advance payments from the liable party that cover the damages you have suffered. We monitor your recovery, request medical information from your practitioners and also have your injuries assessed by our medical advisers. Our attorneys and lawyers look at what you need and what is needed to speed up your recovery.

When you have fully recovered or your situation is neither better nor worse, we speak of a (medical) final situation. At that point, we can look at a final settlement with you. In doing so, we will also look at compensation for future damages.

Because every case is different, we apply customisation to every case. Our experienced personal injury lawyers and legal experts discuss with you step by step how your case will be handled and how we can achieve the best result for you.

The question of which personal injury damages are compensated is different for each case. There is no general answer to this question. This is because the amount of your personal injury damages and the applicable compensation items depend on your personal situation. In general, the following compensation items may apply to your situation:

  • Loss of income (including income from ‘black’ work), both for employees and entrepreneurs
  • Damage to personal and/or business property
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel costs
  • Damage due to limitations in housekeeping (domestic help)
  • Study delay among students and pupils
  • (Increased) economic vulnerability
  • Cost of retrofitting
  • Moving expenses
  • Cost of hospitalisation
  • compensation for non-economic loss

To ensure that all items of damage are included, it is wise to seek the professional help of an expert from Arslan Letselschade. Our personal injury lawyers and personal injury experts in Amsterdam are fully aware of your rights. By engaging Arslan Letselschade in Amsterdam, you can be sure that you will get what you are entitled to and receive maximum compensation.

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Attorneys who don’t shy away from litigation but strive to prevent it whenever possible. Arslan & Arslan Advocaten is your legal partner in good times and bad.


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We will claim your personal injury from the other party's insurer for you at no cost.

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Who are we?

Arslan & Arslan Advocaten is a full-service law firm with offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam as well as visiting locations in Eindhoven, Tilburg and Utrecht.
Advocaat Onur Arslan - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Onur Arslan

Attorney at law

Advocaat Omur Arslan - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Ömür Arslan

Attorney at law

Oznur Batur - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Öznur Batur

Attorney at law

Profielfoto van Lorenzo Pelswijk Arslan Advocaten - Letselschade

Lorenzo Pelswijk

Attorney at law

Gülcan Alkilic

Gülcan Alkilic

Attorney at law

Advocaat Melanie Schulpen - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Melanie Schulpen

Attorney at law

Advocaat Soeredj Ramautar - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Soeredj Ramautar

Attorney at law

Advocaat Merve Ciftci - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Merve Ciftci

Attorney at law

Advocaat Leyla Akkanat - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Leyla Akkanat

Attorney at law

Profielfoto van Yunus Palit, Arslan Advocaten - Letselschade

Yunus Palit

Attorney at law

Profielfoto van Anil Dogan - Arslan Advocaten - Letselschade

Anil Dogan

Attorney at law

Advocaat Alperen Tekatli - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Alperen Tekatli

Attorney at law

Someyya Kuzu - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Someyya Kuzu

Attorney at law

Profielfoto van Hande Berberoglu, Arslan Advocaten - Letselschade

Hande Berberoglu-Bingöl

Attorney at law

Freddy Bakker

Freddy Bakker

Attorney at law

Emina Bajric

Attorney at law

Aysegul Kocak - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Aysegül Kocak

Attorney at law

Anilhan Cav

Attorney at law

Jurist Berkan Polat - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Berkan Polat

Personal injury lawyer

Jurist Alperen Kadakal - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Alperen Kadakal

Personal injury lawyer

Jurist Ozer Arslan - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Özer Arslan

Personal injury lawyer

Jurist Viresh Kishoendajal - Arslan en Arslan Advocaten Letselschade

Viresh Kishoendajal

Personal injury lawyer

Profielfoto van Buse Barlas, Arslan Advocaten - Letselschade

Buse Barlas

Personal injury lawyer

Burcin Uslu

Personal injury lawyer


What clients say about us

We value customer satisfaction!

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I have been helped tremendously by lawyer M. Ciftci. My case took 2 years because the insurer was slow to respond. Ms Ciftci fully committed to me and went after this well. She also communicated clearly to me and kept me informed about everything. I recommend everyone to go here should you need a good personal injury lawyer, who also really has an eye for the client.
wsj j
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I was helped very well by Mr Kishoendajal and Ms Hanoeman. My case was closed and got a very positive outcome due to the efforts of both. Should you face personal injury, go to Arslan & Arslan without hesitation!
Ashish nagesser
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I was helped by Ms M. Schulpen, and all I can say is that I am very happy with the result and I was helped so well that I don't have to worry anymore. Everything went well and I would definitely recommend!!!
Anja Huegen
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I am more than satisfied with this law firm. They helped me super well and settled everything for me. The end result of my personal injury claim was handled very well to my satisfaction. They did the utmost for me. Merve and Onur thank you very much for everything.
Ajla Coralic
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Merve Ciftci helped me with my case! She did it quickly and accurately with a super result. I am super satisfied and also recommend her.
Stefano Sap
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Mr Arslan helped me fantastically with my accident
Younes El moussaoui
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Thank you for your help with my case.
Asante Wiebers
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Sergio Calor guided me very well during my case and I was always available for further questions. I am grateful to him! Arslan advocaten is definitely recommended.