Accident abroad?

15 September 2021
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Accident abroad?

If you have been involved in a traffic accident abroad and have suffered injuries as a result, you are likely entitled to compensation for your personal injury. Arslan & Arslan Advocaten is here to assist you free of charge in holding the other party liable and recovering your damages.

What to do after the accident?

Below are a number of points of attention that are important after you have had an accident:

  1. Your health; First of all make sure you are in a safe situation. In the event of a major accident and serious injury, immediately contact the police and ambulance.
  2. If the situation is safe; take pictures of both the vehicles and their locations. Then try to complete the claim form together with the other person(s) involved.
  3. In case of persistent complaints, you should contact your general practitioner, the General Practitioner’s Office or the Accident and Emergency Department.
  4. Report the damage to your own insurance company. Share the completed claim forms with them.
  5. Report the damage to Arslan & Arslan Advocaten by contacting one of our branches or via the contact form.
  6. Arslan & Arslan Advocaten will subsequently take over the further handling of your claim, so that you can fully concentrate on your recovery.
  7. For more information, consult our step-by-step plan at

Who is liable for the accident?

The general traffic rules determine the liable party. If the other party has performed a special maneuver (insertion, exit, entry and exit), he must give way to all other traffic. In most cases, the other party is then liable for the accident. Also in the case of frequent rear-end collisions, the other party is often liable. The other party must keep a sufficient distance in order to be able to bring the vehicle to a halt in time.

Who is liable for the accident abroad and how is this arranged?

In general, the law where an accident occurred applies, unless both vehicles have a Dutch license plate based on The Hague Traffic Accidents Convention. However, there are also a number of exceptions included in The Hague Traffic Accidents Convention:

  1. a) when only a single vehicle is involved in the accident and this vehicle is registered in a State other than that in whose territory the accident occurred, the internal law of the State of registry shall apply to liability,
  2. b) When two or more vehicles are involved in the accident, subparagraph (a) shall apply only if those vehicles are all registered in the same State.

Parts a and b of this article are essential for liability. If both vehicles are registered in the Netherlands, the internal law of the state of registration applies. Your claim will then be dealt with on the basis of Dutch law. Every foreign insurer has a representative in the Netherlands. The Dutch representative of the foreign insurer will then handle the case and compensate you for the damage suffered and to be suffered.

Importance of an expert personal injury lawyer!

It is important that  you seek assistance from a knowledgeable party to ensure that everything is handled properly and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Engaging Arslan & Arslan Advocaten is therefore beneficial for you because:

  • we hold the counterparty liable on your behalf;
  • We collect the necessary  medical information to establish the link between  the accident and your injuries;
  • we calculate your personal injury;
  • During the handling of your personal injury case, we claim advances for you from the liable party.
  • we take your worries away from you, so that you can fully focus on your health.

Our work is completely free of charge for you, because we recover our costs from the liable party. So you don’t have to worry about that. So our help is free!

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